Wednesday, April 28, 2010 it Who Let the Dogs Out?

During the conference we were asked to do an exercise where we partnered with someone we didn't know. One person was asked to drum out a beat of a song they were thinking in their head, but no other humming or singing was allowed. The other person had to guess what the song was.

This was a great lesson in communication. Often we are so clear on what's in our own head but we have a difficult time conveying this outside of our own realm. Here's a video of the exercise with me and my partner, Tyrone. Can you guess the song?


Ali said...

It does sound like Bob Marley though

Get up
Stand up

Stand up for your rights

kcm said...

i love that he said "much more powerful song than that" and your next guess was Shaggy. judy watts, you coy minx, why didn't you tell me you started a blog!


libélula azul said...

I would have failed miserably at this. I'm going to second Cheasty too and say that I too love that you said "Shaggy" for a powerful song. :-)

Captain Judy said...

But Shaggy can be... oh wait... wrong choice of words. ; )

Rebecca said...

I love how frustrated he looked when you first started guessing. Indigo Girls- hahahahahahaha

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