Monday, April 26, 2010

A Walkabout to St. Lucia

Have you ever gone on a walkabout? Do you even know what a walkabout is? Well my trusty interweb friend tells me it’s a typical rite of passage for aboriginal Australian men. For some it’s the passage from adolescence to manhood. For others it’s a spiritual journey. For John Locke on Lost it was a desired journey that was unfortunately denied because of his handicap.

But for me – my walkabout today was a nice trip down memory lane over these past 8 months since joining the Clinton School of Public Service. My walkabout… or flyabout… started in the Little Rock airport. I freaking love that airport! It might be outdated and a little weird looking, but hey it’s got free interwebs and it’s easy to maneuver through. (Added bonus is that they named one of their parking lots Peanut Lot!)

This leg of the trip was reminiscent of my journey from Austin to Little Rock almost a year ago. So much unknown, yet so much excitement ahead.

Then my walkabout took me to the Chicago O’Hare airport. Though initially I was confused as all getout, their layout makes no rhyme or reason to me, not to mention it’s as big as the Costco store in Idiocracy (Welcome to Costo. I love you!)... I was finally able to find my way to the next gate. As I was walking through there I was reminded of the end of my first semester at the Clinton School and when Little Debbie Snack (awesome trusted friend and classmate) and I journeyed by car up to the beloved city of Chicago just to see Andrew Bird play a few tunes in a church. It was awesome! We laughed. We froze. We ate pizza. We looked for hot chocolate everywhere. So in honor of that roadtrip, I took this picture for Little Debbie.

On my walkabout through Chicago O’Hare I was also reminded about the great Abe Lincoln and all he did as a public servant.

Then I moved on to the Miami airport. Or as I like to say it: Moons over My Hammy!!! Since I was literally in Miami just a week ago for CGI U I could not help but think of the entire road trip a few of my classmates and I had. We made hummus sandwiches in the van. Took Cosmo quizzes. And of course laid out our CGI U plans for the next year. I have to say it was an awesome experience of traveling 40 hours roundtrip together with some great friends.

And then I was in the air and how quickly the pace of life has slowed down. Customs and cultures are different… and here I am St. Lucia!!!


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