Friday, July 16, 2010

Wrapping things up

My time has come to a close here in New York City. Yesterday I had lunch with the gang from PCI Media Impact and we played a fun little game called "high/low" where we each went around the circle and stated the high of our project and the low.

The high. Well that's an easy one -- meeting and working with Alleyne Regis in St. Lucia. Our team which consisted of Alleyne, Sarah, and me was definitely a force to be reckoned with. Funny that I thought all those leadership classes and team dynamic info would be over with when Practicum concluded. However, working with this team was even more intense in the 10 weeks in St. Lucia probably because we were thrown into a project overseas.

The low. Well that's an easy one as well. I had this great idea to make an "internet cafe" inside our home one day which meant pointing a fan on one side of the table, and borrowing the from my room to have a stereo effect of fans/cool air at the kitchen table where we plugged in to our internet connection. It was a great idea until my little box fan fell a few feet from the counter to the floor and totally busted. For weeks I had many a sleepless night wrestling with the hot air and windless nights.

For the rest of this month I'll be working on a second draft of my deliverable, a Monitoring & Evaluation manual for my client, PCI Media Impact. After that my work will be done and then I'll begin preparing for my final project with the Clinton School. Wow! Time flies quickly.


blue dragonfly said...

Congrats!! Your adventures sound like they've been great (even including the fan incident).

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