Thursday, July 22, 2010

Remember this guy?

Last spring I was on a mission to keep our Academic Dean, Dr. Hemphill away from a small liberal arts college in Shreveport and locked up at the Clinton School. I tried my best citing everything from Shreveport sucks (apologies to anyone from Shreveport) and well . . . saying how the poor students minds' would be aimless without him. I couldn't lock him up at our school because 1) that's not what any upstanding public servant would do and 2) I don't want a criminal record just yet (at least not for kidnapping).

I'm happy to say that Centenary is treating our former Dean well. In fact he's famous! We should all ask him for his autograph. I might even have to put all my old papers on ebay and sell them to the highest bidder because his red pen marked it.


Hallie Shoffner said...

Utter awesomeness! I'm definetly going to save everything of mine he wrote on. BTW You don't want a criminal record for now and then not for kidnapping. So my questions is when and what since it seems inevitable?

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