Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letter to myself

Recently I have been reading a bunch of 20-something self letters where women write letters to their 20 year old self. They are very sweet, and I imagine I will have a LOT to say to myself when I reach my 30's. For now I'm still a 20-something self... but I was inspired to write a letter to my Pre-IPSP self.

Dear Judy from late April,

Hello dear. Calm down! Seriously you are going to get everything done before leaving for St. Lucia and then some. The boxes will be packed, the furniture will be moved, and the assignments turned in -- all with the help of some wonderful friends.

Don’t set expectations about the people and the culture for a place you’ve never been to, you will either be sorely disappointed or think you are a God. So stop it, that’s not becoming of you. You will be happy eating plenty of plantains just like in Panama. You will get so much more sun in your entire life and so much rain in St. Lucia that you will then forever be confused as to which one you really like more. It’s a conundrum.

You will miss people and they will miss you, but in the end be grateful for any communication that you are lucky to receive. Even though internet connections suck sometimes, you should be grateful for that too. Oh, remember to back up all your work. Trust me on that one.

You are not responsible for the decisions anyone in your family makes or doesn't make, especially from afar.

There will be so much to do in your project in St. Lucia that at times it might be overwhelming, or it may be difficult to even know where to begin. That’s normal. Take it slow and every little bit helps. Your boss will appreciate any contribution you make. Letting go of a project can be just as hard as letting go of a person. This will happen several times over in your life (hopefully projects not people), so get used to it kid.

And please, remember to wear sunscreen.

Judy from late June


Cory Biggs said...

Thanks for reminding me to back up my work ;)

Captain Judy said...

That's why every PHD student I know guards their thumb drive with their life.

blue dragonfly said...

Nice letter to yourself. I have a journal letter somewhere that I wrote to my older self when I was about 10. I'm pretty curious to find that one...

And speaking of missing people, are you stopping in ATX any time soon? Please say yes!

Captain Judy said...

BDG, I hope you find that note, it would be so great for you to reconnect with your 10 year old self. And YES I will be in ATX around the end of July. Let's have our usual meet up of cupcake making and shenanigans!

Hallie Shoffner said...

That's amazing, Judy! You inspire me.

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