Monday, June 28, 2010

Logic Model

Remember in Decision Making & Analysis or wait is it Analysis of Decision Making or Analysis for Decision Making... (Julie & Monteith help!) well whatever.... anyway remember that day last fall where we went over logic models? It may have sounded like it could have been the study of an attractive model wearing glasses, a pocket protector, and other nerd gear. But nope, a logic model is actually a visual way to map out the causal relationship between components of a project and projected outcomes. Zing!

Tonight I thought it would be fun to make a logic model of my IPSP or at least parts of it. You know, like you do. Behold dear friends, my logic model! Proof I was listening and learning that day.

Click photo above to enlarge (not this sentence).


Valerie said...

It wont enlarge! (Thats what he said!)

Captain Judy said...

there you go Valerie. I think I made it pretty clear. ; ) Oh and NIIIIIIIICE usage of 'that's what he said'

Hallie Shoffner said...

Shenanigans/Leer (cause those two go together) + 1 Awesome deliverable=looking like you know what you are doing + changing the world Wall-E/Judy (cause those two go together) style. Kim, our lovely math blogger, and David, our handsome math teacher, how am I doing?

D Monteith said...

Bonus points all around!

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