Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I like about St. Lucia

1. Juice. Juices of all sorts of colors and flavors. Whether it’s tamarind, cherry, or lime I love trying the assortment of fresh juices here

2. Rituals Coffee Shop. I’m pretty sure it’s the Starbucks of the island, but when I’m out of the country any place I can get wifi, a/c and a latte is high on my list.

3. Interwebs. Speaking of wifi, I’m so glad Al Gore did invent the interwebs because that’s precisely how I keep in touch with friends and family back home via skype. Not long ago Team Lucia had a “conference call” with 2/3 of Team Shanghai, Trenia and Becca. It was great!

sunset 4. Each day as the sun flirts with the horizon and approaches nightfall we get the most glorious sunsets.
And the clouds are like canvasses of all the pink, orange, and purple reflections of the light. Stunning!

5. Public Transportation. Seriously I love the set up. So simple yet effective. You wait for a microbus to pull up, get on the bus and for the equivalent of 80 cents travel miles. All you have to do is yell “bus stop, driver” to get off. Amazing!


Alex said...

Nice orangey sunset, JudyWatts. Well played.

Captain Judy said...

TO BE FAIR, it's not orange. It's pink. You're color blind.

Rebecca Morrison said...

I see some orange and pink. You're both right. I love public transportation. LOVE. IT.

Hallie said...

Juice! You are like Kell and Orange Soda!

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