Monday, May 24, 2010

EE Phone Home!

What is the one thing you never leave home without? Other than your keys and wallet, chances are that one thing is probably a cell phone. According to cell phone subscriptions are projected to reach 5 billion this year. With roughly 6.8 billion people around the globe, that’s a lot of annoying ringtones!

Furthermore, with iPhones, Blackberries and Androids on the market – more and more people are opting for smart phones that have access to the world wide web and can do magical things provided they choose their apps accordingly. As a former Jitterbug owner (don’t judge me for my octogenarian phone preference) I am blown away by the technology these hand held devices are capable of.

The future of Entertainment Education will be at the touch of a button, friends. To be precise, EE will be at the touch of a button on your cell phone. Think about it. Currently EE predominantly uses radio and television to convey messages about entertainment and well education of course. However, already we’ve seen the landscape of TV change by being able to record shows, stream them online, and download episodes for on-the-go pleasure on iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Radio (in the US) though convenient and affordable has dozens of competitors, most notably the advent of satellite radio and the widespread use of iPods.
What does all of this mumbo jumbo nonsense of entertainment and technology lead to? Your cell phone! If you do own a smart phone, well essentially you are walking around with a television, radio, laptop and phone all in one. And what better way to reach an audience than by phoning them!

Here in St. Lucia Blackberries are nearly as bountiful as sand. They’re literally everywhere. And for those who don’t own a Blackberry, it’s very easy to purchase a pay as you go type of phone which automatically comes with the ability to text.

Recently, a friend forwarded me a CNN article on a trend in apps which are aimed at improving health. There’s an entire world of cell phone apps created to help people diet, send daily affirmations, teach yoga poses etc.
According to the article, the leading guy in using cell phone technology to change behavior is B.J. Fogg who says, “Most people carry cell phones with them everywhere, making them a powerful tool in creating new habits in a person's daily routine, Programs designed to improve health habits operate through "triggers," or calls to action, which can be as simple as click here.”

In addition to Fogg’s vision and insight, there are also organizations out there like, who use mobile technology for social impact. You can check out their blog for the numerous ways they use cell phones for good. One example they cited was how cell phones could be used to replace paper reporting methods faster in various countries in regards to food security efforts. Apparently the UN is going the way of the phone.

I’m personally excited to see where and how EE and cell phones will blur the traditional lines of communication and utilize each other to reach people across the globe in various efforts of social change. Imagine a world where you send texts to loved ones and friends and then only a moment later to turn around and receive a text by your favorite character on your favorite TV show to do something as simple as recycle.


Debbie said...

dude, judy, you are such a fancy dance blogger. all incorporating knowledge and stuff. way better than we "i did this and this and this" bloggers.

Captain Judy said...

but i LOVE reading the "i did this and this" blogs! seriously.

Win said...

"There’s an entire world of cell phone apps created to help people diet, send daily affirmations, ..."

As a compu-geek, this is SUCH a simple task, and it shows such silly reliance on Someone Else to do the reminding. Do you want a daily reminder to floss? I can set that up in less than 60 seconds. Let's see, if I charge you a buck a month, that comes out to something like One Thousand Dollars an Hour that you're paying me.

Cory Biggs said...

Here in Rwanda, people have Blackberry knock-offs. They call them "copyrights." How funny is that???

Captain Judy said...

Ha! Copyright. Please bring back 1 to the states. ; )

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