Friday, May 28, 2010

[A]Typical St. Lucian dinner

This post is dedicated to fellow classmates and friends Anna Strong and Rebecca Morrison who were posting and commenting about food in their respective IPSP countries. You see Anna is in the land of curries, dahl and a constant flow of chai while Rebecca appears to be in a country that has everything from Japanese to great bar food and who know's what else. ; )

Sarah and I just finished eating this.

What is that you ask? Well it's an authentic Italian pizza topped with capers, garlic sauce and mushrooms cooked in a brick oven, accompanied by a glass of Valpolicella (a sweet flavored wine from Northern Italy). While this might not be typical Caribbean fare . . . Key Largo's pizza is quickly becoming my favorite pizza ever. Ever! It's the real deal folks, and if you're ever in the neighborhood please try the pizza here. You won't regret it.

This is an anamoly even for St. Lucia. The owners are a sister/brother duo as well as her husband. The siblings grew up in England but have family from St. Lucia and moved here after she married an Italian. Their restaurant, Key Largo, fuels any public servant's appetite (not to mention is the best pizza on the island).

In addition to the fine food and atmosphere, there's a trampoline just outside for the kiddos and wifi inside for the nerds. (Yes I'm using their wifi right now in fact.) All in all -- the pizza has a thin airy crust combined with a smattering of fresh tomato sauce that would make your mouth melt upon smelling it. Two thumbs up from Sarah and me!

To be fair, I cannot entirely boast about the delicious pizza and say that I'm not jealous of Anna's and Rebecca's foods. Anna, just the other night I was at an Indian restaurant and they didn't even serve chai. I mean isn't that the most basic part of Indian cuisine?!? Really! And Rebecca, it sounds like you have a lot of great options of food over there in Australia. Nom nom nom.

Here's to having delicious meals in whatever corner of the globe you find yourself in. Bon appetite!


Rebecca Morrison said...

Did you know that pizza is my favorite food? That I've had it three times since I've been here? It is SO good. Also, I had it topped with tofu the other day, and for some reason, it reminded me of lesbian popcorn. HAHAHA!

Anna said...

You are enticing me with all of your pizza talk! And what is lesbian popcorn??? I love the food here, but I'd give a lot for some American comfort food. They must've heard me because last night we had spaghetti and meat sauce...yum yum! And there's Thumbs Up (their version of Coke) across the street. Judy, I LOVE the Chai (or chaha as it's called by locals) with most meals...and it's the only thing I can drink in the villages since the water's not safe. Tasty tasty! I'm so sad you were deprived in the sham of an Indian restaurant you went to!

Captain Judy said...

Anna, lesbian popcorn is the *best popcorn ever and yours truly happens to know how to make a good batch of it. We'll eat some when you return back to the Rock.

I'm still recovering from the lack of chai. But there are other tasty beverages here. Fruit punch is one of them. And cherry juice! And tamarind juice!

Rebecca, pizza with tofu!?! That astounds me. What does that even taste like??? And was it good?

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