Monday, May 17, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

Is it possible to have a case of the Mondays in beautiful, luscious paradise? I suppose so... this cute little paradise seems to be bifurcated by those who call St. Lucia home and those who call it their honeymoon. When I woke up today I was thinking -- hey what's an ordinary Monday like for a regular person here?

And I thought I'd share a snippet of my Monday routine for those of you wondering. ; )

I like to start everyday out with some little morsel of entertainment that reminds me how wonderful and creative this world can be. So I rewatched this video my classmate David made for my friend Julie and me. Check out his touching tribute to Team J below! Thanks, David. You are the bestest. (and what a great way to start the day!)

Then Sarah and I boarded a bus to head to one of our local offices, Rituals Coffee like any ordinary day. We missed our bus stop and the bus cruised on by, so we had to catch another bus back down the hill. (oops!) Rituals is the only coffee shop that I've ever been to that sells pasta, "flatinis" and paninis. I'm still not sure what the difference between a flatini and panini is, but I don't care. Cause I'm drinking a mean grande latte. My favorite!

And now I'm settling in for a day of research and writing a report for
PCI Media Impact to help them in their next stages of implementing My Island -- My Community. But as I'm gearing up for this somewhere my mind is thinking about the workout that looms ahead and the grocery list of food I need to get....

Which reminds me of this quote by John Kenneth Galbraith, "A person buying ordinary products in a supermarket is in touch with his deepest emotions."

Here's to everyone's Mondays, no matter where you are or what ordinary products you might be buying today! Have a great one.

soda water


Debbie said...

Not to boast or be a bitch, but my Monday was pretty fantastic!!!

Captain Judy said...

well... we all can't be in Panama can we, Miss Little Debbie? = )

Debbie said...

I know, I'm sure your honeymoon is quite trying ;-)

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