Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Open Letter to Administrators of the World

Dear Administrators of the World,

Should the next time you decide to convene the powers that be that make up your organization – I highly recommend an offsite retreat or conference in St. Lucia. Workshops in St. Lucia provide a powerful yet entertaining venue to gather your staff and board. All the necessary components of a highly effective meeting are here: wi-fi, tamarind juice, and a pool for refreshing afternoon breaks. Even The Five Dysfunctions of a Team author Patrick Lencioni would agree that a retreat out here in the Caribbean is the best way to move your group through the five dysfunction stages.

Of all the conferences that I’ve ever been to, inevitably it ends up being you go and throw your business cards (or if you’re mean you throw your colleague’s business cards) at random strangers you will never talk to again. And some type of fun activity is usually organized in the evening revolving around a Hawaiian themed dress and food in Ballroom A. Snoozefest!

But here in St. Lucia it’s for real fun times. No kidding! Last week the staff, board members, and clients of PCI-Media Impact gathered together for a little food and entertainment. We laughed, laughed and laughed some more. A very talented group of children showed us some traditional dancing. That was all fun and great, but what I’m about to show you is how we at PCI-Media Impact get along. Check out the short clip below when the group busted out into a spontaneous conga line. It was like a Caribbean version of a Bollywood film minus the 3 hours of predictable storyline and unrequited star crossed lovers. You’ll see Sarah Leer from the Clinton School, and you’ll also meet my recently adopted Aunt Lynne. Aunt Lynne is a gutsy, fun awesome board member with Media Impact who is currently teaching at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. She’s not really my biological Aunt, but we have decided that we’re related.

Enjoy the clip and feel free to dance while you watch!

Best Regards,
Judy Watts
Associate Director of Having Fun While you Work


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Welp. I'm certainly enjoying your ipsp.

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