Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorable Memorial Days

Today is Memorial Day! A holiday in the US that kicks off summer for any lake loving, beach going, grilling crew. This time last year classmate and fellow Austinites Kim Caldwell and (then fiancĂ©, now husband) Justin Dove came over to my house for a finger licking, good ol’ time. We ate delicious vegetarian foods, listened to a jam session and did I mention ate delicious vegetarian food. Justin even dazzled us with his hula-hooping skills. ; ) That’s when I knew these cats were pretty cool and there was no doubt about it that I would enjoy my Clinton School experience. When you get a chance, check out Kim's blog. She's working in South Africa this summer with two community foundations.

Here in St. Lucia it’s just a regular day, but hey that’s ok! St. Lucia is about to kick off their own set of festivities for Carnival this weekend. Yes you heard me right, Carnival is scheduled in the summer here rather than February. More on that to come later.

I’m leaving you with this 25 second clip of what I call Beach on the Go for anyone who isn’t near the beach today but would like to be. It was shot a mere 10 min. walk from my St. Lucian abode. Enjoy!


kcinthecape said...

I, too, cherish our memories from our first holiday as Clinton School students. Also, our matching outfits. And meals without meat. Thanks for bein' awesome!

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